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I Made Jonathan a Quilt!

I made Jonathan his first quilt in 2016, and when he wanted a new one for his birthday this year, naturally I was very excited to make it happen.

We looked at some patterns and decided on New Wave by Elizabeth Hartman. I was already working on the dinosaurs quilt from a few posts ago at the time, so her designs were fresh on my mind.

After settling on the design, we headed off to our good friend Jo-Ann’s to find the main fabric. Jonathan found the nebula print and my mission was to find an ombre of colors that would go with this main fabric.

The top of this quilt came together very quickly, which was a really nice change of pace after working with all of the tiny pieces in the dinosaur quilt.

I selected an assortment of solid colors from Kona and Speckled colors from Ruby Star Society, designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale. The speckled fabrics were a great way to break up the solids without taking away from the main nebula fabric.

For the top quilting I just followed the design of the pattern. I opted for 5 quilted lines in between each section of color and swapped thread colors based on the ombre of the quilt.

Because I had to source many of these fabrics online I knew I’d have enough to make a fun back of the quilt. It definitely took me longer to make the back than the front!

Since I started quilting in 2015(ish?) my goal was to eventually have only handmade blankets on the bed, and I’m so happy that this quilt was the final one needed to make that happen.

Of course it varies throughout the year, but this is our stack of blankets for the coldest winter nights. My secret to a good night’s sleep is having separate blankets, and we have a total of five between us. The blanket in the bottom left is a piece of my hand dyed wool fabric that I added binding to, and it is deceptively warm.

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