I’m an avid knitter, occasional crocheter, and all-around color enthusiast. I picked up my first set of knitting needles in 2007 and haven’t stopped. I started dyeing yarn in 2016 when I couldn’t find the perfect purple, and haven’t stopped that either!

The road from my former gig as an accountant to becoming a full time yarn dyer is a long one -- cross-country, even. Old Rusted Chair was born when I started doing it part time while still working in California and planning a cross-country move. It then became my full time job when my husband Jonathan and I moved from Oakland, California to Nashville, Tennessee in April 2017.

All of Old Rusted Chair’s yarns are hand-dyed by me in my home studio. Jonathan helps prep, twist, and label each skein while I’m at the dye pans. The entire process is under careful supervision from our porch kitties, a band of mischievous cat siblings who adopted us after being born in our neighbor’s backyard.

I love to dye unexpected color combinations, inspired by the simple curiosity of wondering, “what happens if I mix this with that?” I like to let my instinct guide me while creating new colorways.

When I’m not dyeing yarn, I am on the porch with the porch kitties or perfecting my pirouette while trying not to fall on my face in ballet class.

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