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Finished Project - Florida Beach Towel Quilt

Sometimes a person needs a quick little project as a palate cleanser between larger projects. The Florida Beach Towel is kinda perfect for that! This is a free pattern from Ruby Star Society and you can find it here. 

This project uses 2.5" strips to create 10 blocks of alternating stripes. Because I'm Very Specific about how I cut up my scraps after a project, I had lots of 2.5" strips waiting to be included in this one.

To top quilt this one I opted for straight horizontal lines set 2" apart so they'd land in the middle of each fabric strip. I'm so happy with how this turned out! This could have very easily been a one-day project, but I split it up over a few days so I had time to stretch and relax. In the end, I gifted this to a dear friend for her kiddo. She quickly reported back it was used for a blanket fort and was requested for bedtime. I consider this high praise coming from a 6-year-old!

I normally like to make my quilt back out of extra fabric from the front, but because I used fabric from my scrap basket, I opted for a yard of yellow fabric with daisy print that I found at Smart Art + Craft Supply with a piece of yellow to fill out the rest. I also combined extra binding I had from other projects to finish it off.

The finished quilt is 36" x 60" and could easily be made wider by adding another set of 5 blocks.


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