Hipster Scum - Squish
Hipster Scum - Squish
Hipster Scum - Squish
Hipster Scum - Squish


Hipster Scum - variegated grey, orange, red with a little scum green and blue. Many months ago I was working a clinic escort shift when a new to me protester showed up. He was a much older man, waving his bible around and ranting about "that new Twitter" and other social media platforms I should be aware of. 🙃⁠

Eventually he settled on the insult he would sling at me for the rest of my shift that day. Hipster Scourge. The word scourge, much like his opinions on what others should do with their bodies, is gross and outdated so I opted for the name Hipster Scum for this colorway.⁠

SQUISH  - 100% superwash merino wool, 438 yds per 100 g skein / 4 ply

CARE - Hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.  Yarn is thoroughly rinsed after dyeing, but light bleeding may occur during washing, especially in highly saturated areas.

Note: This listing is for one skein only. This item is hand made, and will vary with each dye lot. I do my best to capture my colorways in the digital image. Due to variances from my screen to yours the color may vary.

Skeins come from a cat friendly home. Inventory is stored away from the prying paws of my feline friends but please keep any allergies in mind while order. 

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