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Snow Day 2024!

A couple weeks ago almost 8 inches of snow fell on us here in Nashville. Since we were stuck inside for a few days (avoiding the iciest roads we've ever seen), I decided to make use of all that snowfall by dyeing with it.

I grabbed some tubs and scooped up snow off our back porch stairs and backyard picnic table.


After gathering the snow (and then warming back up), I set up to dye some yarn, but also experiment with dyeing cotton fabric, wool twill fabric, and a couple shirts for my nibling.

To dye the yarn, I laid out yarn in empty pans and completely covered it with snow.


I then sprinkled some dyes across the snow in a way that I hoped would create some interesting looks once the snow melted and distributed the dye out across the skeins.


The end result was so far from my normal dye style I don't think I could ever recreate it!

I did the same process for the pieces of fabric and shirts, and here are a few sections showing how the wool twill and cotton fabric turned out.

If you have any ideas for 3 yards of a gauzy wool twill fabric let me know!

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