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Off My Needles - Gridlines

Pattern: Gridelines by Sosu Knits (links to Sosu's website)

Yarn: Magnolia at Dusk on Squish by me!

Size: Length: 17" /  Circumference: 36" / Neck: Medium

Hello! I finished a project and thought I'd try this whole blogging thing (again. hah! I know someone out there understands!)

This was sooooo fun to knit y'all. SO FUN! My favorite thing about Gridlines is how customizable it is. There are several options for length, circumference and neck style. I choose the most cropped version for this project and knit the size 36" bust. My gauge was not exact to the pattern and this ended up measuring around 38". It all went according to my barely existent plan based on a gauge swatch I didn't fully knit or block.

I chose the medium neck option, but ended up picking up less stitches to get somewhere in between the medium and small neck opening. I didn't want to struggle to pull it over my head, but I also didn't want it to be too wide. It was very easy to customize this!

This sweater starts from the front center and is knit sideways. I knit the right front first, and stitches are picked up from the center seam to knit the left front. The pattern has options up to knit up to 78" bust, with 8-10" positive ease recommended. I have approximately 5" of ease in my finished Gridlines. One of my favorite details is the shoulder. I love how it kind of looks like a saddle shoulder, but the rest of the gridlines are designed to decrease into the shoulder panel. I find it to be very satisfying to look at. 

If your photo shoots go anything like mine, you also have 100 outtakes per every 1 usable photo. I love showing off things that aren't picture perfect so here are my favorite outtakes from my Gridlines shoot.

There's the "I don't know what to do with my hands so I'll stuff them in these unusable tiny pockets" stance.

The "dammit my back itches and I can almost reach it, why don't I have a pen or something?" look.

And finally the "Why doesn't the zipper on these pants stay up? Is it open in any of the prior photos? oh well" mood.

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